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Finance and Mortgage Brokers

Straightforward, fast lending for brokers
and introducers

At Basecorp, we will take a difficult deal and make it simple. We believe non-bank lending should be straightforward, fast, and individually tailored to suit each applicant. We understand time is of the essence and the majority of our brokers receive an offer to present to their client within 24 hours of submitting a loan application and same-day feedback in almost all cases. Our guidelines are flexible and you’ll work directly with the right person to make decisions quickly and autonomously.

We are open-minded when reviewing applications and will always look for the opportunity to provide a financial solution. Like our loan offers, our loan agreements are simple and easily accessed. Our procedure is to draw down on loans upon receipt of executed documentation and when all conditions have been met. With over 22 years in business, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Our strong broker network depends on us to
provide uncomplicated and flexible residential mortgage solutions and we deliver this with every deal. With strong funding in place and money always available to lend, we provide consistency in the market and are always ready to accept applications and present loan offers.

  • Competitive rates
  • Fast approvals and turnaround times
  • Work with the decision makers
  • Retain control of your customer relationship

Other benefits available

  • If solicitors are required, we will only instruct the borrower’s solicitor, meaning only one set of legal fees to pay
  • Broad set of product options across short and long-term mortgage loans
  • Real estate market appraisals, sale and purchase agreemenets or electronic valuations may be satifactory (subject to locality of proposed security and LVR). In this case, your client is saved the cost of a registered valuation.
  • Broker remuneration is paid directly from the loan advance at drawdown to your nominated account. No clawback is ever payable.
  • All fees are agreed prior to documenting the loan
  • Basecorp does not market directly to customers. Your customer remains your customer at all times