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Residential Mortgage Loans

Non-bank mortgage lending that is:

 Fast (approvals within 24 – 48 hours)
 Flexible (individually tailored to suit each borrower)
 Straightforward (we are solutions focused)

Our story

Since 1997, Basecorp Finance has provided straightforward, fast non-bank lending solutions. From the early days of vehicle finance and short-term advances to a streamlined first mortgage specialist lender today, servicing a range of New Zealand borrowers, we are proud of the brand and reputation we have built.

A quality adviser experience

Basecorp has built a strong reputation with advisers for its reliable and flexible mortgage solutions, catering to both short and long terms. Our team has extensive experience working with advisers on all types of deals, ensuring a consistent lending experience on more straightforward and difficult deals alike.

This consistency, and local ownership, enables us to bypass bureaucratic procedures and make efficient decisions, speeding up the approval process for advisers and their customers in a way that aligns with their circumstances and financial goals.

Flexible repayment periods

Up to 80%

Large $ advances available

Variety of interest options

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