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Our products

At Basecorp, we offer a range of short and long-term mortgage products tailored to suit individual needs. Our loans are flexible, competitive, and customisable, allowing repayment terms from one month up to 30 years.

Here are some key features of our mortgage products:

Up to 80% LVR

We understand large deposits can be challenging, so we offer a maximum loan to value ratio of 80%

Large sum advances

We have money to lend and our standard policies permit an advance up to $2.0m. Need more than that? We have the ability to fund above this level, dependent on the circumstances and overall deal risk.

Variety of interest payment options

We offer a number of different interest rate options for each situation. For short-term loans, we offer interest only or capitalised interest payment options. For long-term loans, we can offer both principal and interest and interest only terms.

Transparent costs and fees

Our loan offers, terms, conditions, and costs are simple and easy to understand.

Competitive Interest Rates

We benchmark our rates to the sector and risk price our loans.

Our goal is to provide dependable lending solutions with flexibility and transparency, in accordance with responsible lending practices.
We work fast and smart, using our industry knowledge and expertise to craft mortgage solutions for mortgage advisers and their customers.

Terms & Conditions

Just like our loan offer and products, our terms and conditions are straightforward
and easy to understand.

Interest, costs and fees

We base our individual interest rates and fees on several factors, These include security provided, credit history, current commitments, employment history, and loan length.

Template consumer agreement

For our full terms, conditions, and related fees and charges, download our consumer template agreement. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We always strive to do our best to give customers the best lending experiences.
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